About Us

About Bulk SMS Media

India's No. 1 Bulk SMS service provider powered by Telnet Media Comapny Pvt Ltd. that allow you to target a worldwide range or audience with the largest worldwide active database.

Bulk SMS service starting @ as low as 6 paisa and the lowest compare to the market price chart.

We are giving you control over your personalized Bulk SMS campaigns that gives you 100% analysis and fast speed delivery service with highest rates of conversion.


Effective Marketing

Stay connected with your customers in real time. For you it's quick and straight forward, easy to use.

High Customer Engagement

Set up a series of targeted SMS messages and schedule them to go out whenever you decide

High Conversion Rates

We now offer full automation process for all your campaigns. Let the AI do it for you.

Global Reliability

We have highly secure data centers in top rated countries including USA. Your privacy is completely safe with us.


Be More Visible 

With our largest active database and connections all over the world, target and build your trust everywhere.

No Hidden Fees

Simply pay for the normal we offer it's double with freedom and flexibility.

Now with Bulk SMS Media you can send SMS campaigns to a large database of Mobile Network Operators in all around the world.

About Telnet Media Company Pvt Ltd. 

Telnet Media Company Private Limited is a relatively young and a dynamic telecom service providing company operating in the Contact Center/BPO services. We offer wide range of social networking services and entertainment services that meet all tele-marketing needs in integrated fashion to a wide variety of client – small, medium and large.